Brick-throwing vandal targets homes and trains

Brick-throwing yob: A brick was thrown at a train from Brunswick bridge

Brick-throwing yob: A brick was thrown at a train from Brunswick bridge

Police are appealing for witnesses after houses and trains in Chorley were attacked by a brick-throwing yob.

They believe the incidents are connected.

In one, a brick landed on the bed of a teenage girl after it was hurled through a bedroom window.

In another, a man was chased by two off-duty British Transport Police officers close to Chorley train station.

Police say a man is helping them with their inquiries.

But they are keen to hear from anyone who might have witnessed what happened, or who could have more information.

Sgt Kevin Mountain, of the Chorley neighbourhood policing team, said: “There’s been a spate of damage, three incidents on Brooke Street - all someone throwing bricks through windows - and two where someone has thrown bricks at trains at or near the train station.

“At the train station, we think he was on the car park, we’re not sure if it was the drop off or the longer stay one.

“In the other one he was on the Friday Street side of the bridge, Brunswick Street Bridge, throwing a brick at a train.

“We know from what other people have said, there were witnesses in the area.”

He added: “In both incidents, we believe the bricks have struck the train.

“In the first there were two off-duty British Transport Police officers on the train who heard a thud on the side of the train. They got off and followed a suspect but lost him in the area of ASC Timber Supplies.

“We’re connecting these two incidents at the train station and three bricks being thrown through house windows in Brooke Street.

“In one of the incidents in Brooke Street at 11.20pm, a brick was thrown through a bedroom window and landed on a 13-year-old girl in bed. Fortunately nobody was injured.

“There’s a joint investigation together with the British Transport Police.”

The Brooke Street incidents took place on Sunday, December 22; the one at the train station at about 11.30am and the one at the bridge at 3pm, both on Saturday, December 21.

Anyone with information is asked to contact PC 4211 Dave Kinsley on 01257 246225.




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