Alleged child sex victim relives ordeal

Crime news

Crime news

A man accused of a string of sex attacks against children asked one of his alleged victims to move into his flat when he was 13 years old, a court has heard.

Paul Boardman befriended the youngster after getting to know his mother through a CB radio network, the court was told.

The alleged victim, who can not be identified for legal reasons, cried as he recounted his ordeal.

He told the court Boardman would “have a laugh” with him and his siblings when he visited their house in Preston.

After a few weeks he started to take him on trips to Blackpool to play in the arcades. But as the weeks progressed the man, now in his 20s, told the jury Boardman began to sexually abuse him at his flat in Ingol.

Boardman, 55, denies 45 sexual offences relating to young boys dating back to the 1990s.

But the man told the court: “He just used to be outside school when I finished. I didn’t know he was picking me up.

“I’d go with him because Blackpool was an attractive place.”

“He used to buy me as much sweets as I wanted. I ate them. I was a kid.

“My mum always warned me not to take sweets off a stranger but I didn’t think he was a stranger - he was one of my mum’s friends, so I took sweets off him and I got in his car.”

The man told the court Boardman would take him to his flat to play on an arcade machine but told him to tell his mum he had been at a friend’s house.

Later, Boardman asked the boy to move into the flat, saying he would have “a better life” and have things his mother could not provide for him.

But the man said when he told Boardman he would have to check with his mum, Boardman started shaking: “He said if you ever tell your mum I’d get taken off her but I thought I’m going to tell her anyway.”

When the youngster told his mum Boardman had asked him to go and live at his flat, the boy’s mother became angry and slapped Boardman, now of no fixed address, in a row outside the house.

The man said: “Back in the day when he was doing it to me I didn’t know he was a bad person. I was young. I was vulnerable. I didn’t know what he was doing to me. He told me it was a game.

“He was offering me the best things ever.”

The man said he never spoke to anyone about the abuse he suffered at Boardman’s hands as he was scared he would be taken away from his mum by social services, as Boardman had threatened.

But when Sharon Watson, defending Boardman, suggested the man’s account was untrue, the witness broke down, saying: “I know what is the truth and I am here to get the truth out so that people don’t get abused by him anymore.

“How can you stand there and defend some dirty, horrible person who does things to kids?”

The man was led from the witness box in tears.



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