Investigators hunt for UFOs

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A team of investigators travelled over 5,000 miles from Los Angeles to Lancashire – on the trail of UFOs.

The crew are from the programme UFO Hunters which is shown on the History Channel in America.

The next series will feature the Red Rose county's spate of mystery sightings.

In July, Pat Regan, 51, took a picture of a freaky funnel cloud moving slowly over the skies of Scarisbrick, near Southport.

On closer inspection, Pat, of Brook Road, Ainsdale, also spotted an unidentified flying object alongside the would-be tornado.

Dave Pavoni, of Motion Picture Production, said: "We started seeing that the UK is the number one hotspot in the world right now.

"We got Pat's photograph and came and talked to him at the area where he filmed it and we're going to take his photo and analyse it back in Los Angeles."

The team also showed the picture to an atmospheric scientist at Manchester University who studied it and confirmed the object was not debris from the funnel cloud.

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