Husband vows to take fight to Euro courts

Fight: Neil and Emily Deane
Fight: Neil and Emily Deane
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A husband has vowed to take the fight to stop his wife and child being forced to leave the country to the European Court of Human Rights.

Neil Deane, 29, who is living with his Filipino wife, Emily, and one-year-old daughter, Lucy, at his mother’s house in Seymour Road, Preston, has launched his appeal against her extradition.

He is appealing the UK Border Agency’s decision to throw his wife out over a visa mix-up and expects to find a decision within the next three weeks.

The popular Preston North End fan revealed the couple have already spent £1,650 on solicitors fees and launching the appeal against extradition.

He said: “Whatever happens it is going to cost us a lot of money, if Emily has to go back to the Philippines, that costs me money, so I am willing to fight to keep my family together.

“We have been granted an appeal under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act, the right to a family life and if that fails, the only other option is to go through the European courts.

“I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep my family together.”

If the appeal fails, Mrs Deane would be forced to go back to the Philippines to reapply for a spouse’s visa which would enable her to remain in until she could apply for permanent residency in the UK.

She is currently on a visitors’ visa which is due to expire this weekend, sparking the extradition push.

Mr Deane said he fears his wife’s exit from the UK could be even longer.

He explained: “If I go out with her, there is no way I can get a job which will earn me enough to allow us to come back.

“And, there is no way I can expect to keep the job I have here at the moment, so I would have to let my wife and child go back to the Philippines without me.

“How can I be expected to do that?”

The UK Border Agency said it was not able to comment specifically on the Deane’s individual case.