Hero pulled drowning woman out of river

Robert Taylor who rescued a woman from the River Ribble at Tickled Trout

Robert Taylor who rescued a woman from the River Ribble at Tickled Trout

A humble hero has told of the moment he raced into a river to pull a woman who was face down in the water to safety.

Father-of-three Robert Taylor sprung into action when he spotted the woman stuck in the River Ribble at the back of the Tickled Trout Hotel in Preston. He pulled 36-year-old Cherel Robinson from the water and put her in the recovery position – saying he knew what to do because he watches a lot of 999 shows.

Today quick-thinking Robert, 32, of Moor Nook, Preston, said: “I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I would have done it for anybody – it’s what you do.

“It took me a few minutes to get to her and the water was pushing me. I just had in my mind I wanted to get to her, it just took over.

“It was instinct. I was calm, I just knew I needed to get to her. I was running hell for leather to get to her. She was faced down and floating off as I got towards her. If I hadn’t turned up it might have been a different story.”

Cherel, from Ribbleton, had been out with relatives paddling in the shallow water and slipped on some moss.

She said: “I’m still in shock, I feel very lucky. I can’t thank him enough. He saved my life.

“As soon as I fell and banged my head that was it; I can’t

remember anything else. He is a lovely lad, I just don’t know how to thank him enough.”

Unemployed Robert was with his son Leo, seven, friend Ste Sergeant and Ste’s young nephews when the drama

unfolded. “I saw her and made my way towards her, there was no movement at all,” he said.

“She starting floating a bit, I was trying to catch up to get her, I got to her and realised it was a lady off my local estate.

“I dragged her out of the rapids and the water into the shallow water and on to a rock. I put her in the recovery position and pushed on her stomach. The paramedics couldn’t get to us, we were still in the middle of the river at this time.

“I picked her up and made my way over to the gravel, then the paramedics took over, that’s where I left her.”

Emergency Services arrived scene at 4pm on Saturday.

They said Cherel may have been under the water for two or three minutes and was “lucky to be alive.”

She was unresponsive but came to and was taken to the Royal Preston Hospital.




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