Metal from cremations to help bereaved family fund

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Bereaved families have received extra financial support, through the recycling of metal left behind after cremations.

Dutch company OrthoMetals collects recovered metals, including replacement joints and surgical implants, from crematoriums around the world, including Preston.

The remains are then recycled, with profits donated to charities.

Preston Council, which joined the project in 2009, has this year received £4,500 and donated it to Cruse Bereavement Care Lancashire.

The council’s crematorium has an average of 1,300 cremations a year, and per collection every six or 12 months, has about 200kg of metal residue and orthopaedic implants.

Coun John Swindells, deputy leader of Preston Council, said: “The death of any loved one is a difficult and trying time. People are not only faced with grief but also with the practical issues that need to be dealt with, from organising the funeral to sorting through people’s belongings.”

Cruse offers counselling and support to bereaved people in the county.

Coun Swindells said: “As a council we are delighted to support Cruse with this donation of £4,411.00.

“The money comes from recycling metal left over at cremations which includes coffin plates, screws, and hinges as well as any artificial joints such as metal hips and knees.

“As more and more people have replacement joints fitted when they are alive, the city council has to respond and be able to recycle the metal materials when people have passed on.

“It is fitting that we can do this in a sensitive and suitable way that helps local charities and in turn people coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.”




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