Health chiefs in MP plea

Latest health news

Latest health news

Health chiefs from Lancashire have this week visited MPs in London to encourage the government to reconsider how it plans to provide funding to local NHS organisations.

NHS England is currently consulting on plans which would see funding for Lancashire’s hospitals and other NHS organisations cut by more than £29m per year.

If approved, the move would also see a reduction in the health funding for disadvantaged areas where people suffer poorer health by as much as £30 per person.

This week, County Councillors Azhar Ali, chairman of Lancashire Health and 
Wellbeing Board; Lorraine Beavers, lead member for health; and Steven Holgate, chairman of Lancashire Health Scrutiny Committee, visited the House of Commons to express their concerns.

County Councillor Ali said: “If NHS England brings in this formula we stand to lose £140m over five years. This is equivalent to the cost of an entire hospital. These changes would affect disadvantaged and rural communities and have the potential to lead to more older people suffering from isolation and loneliness.”

County Coun Lorraine Beavers, added: “We must speak up for the people we serve and felt we needed to visit Westminster to fight our corner and explain what the proposed new funding arrangements would mean for Lancashire.”

The Health Scrutiny Committee reviews public health issues and the work of the NHS and monitors the work of the public health service.




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