Brave Sophie battles back for holidays

Happy: Sophie Baylis with parents Amanda Baylis and Grant Calder at home

Happy: Sophie Baylis with parents Amanda Baylis and Grant Calder at home

A brave three-year-old has battled back from a life-saving operation to be home from Christmas.

Sophie Baylis, who has suffered health problems since she was born, was looking forward to being a flower girl at her grandfather’s wedding.

But when she went for what was supposed to be a routine health check at Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool. doctors discovered her pacemaker wire had come loose and she needed a life-saving operation.

After a week in hospital she returned home to Catterall, near Garstang, last Thursday.

Now her delighted parents are planning a bumper Christmas celebration and her grandfather has vowed there will be a re-run of the missed wedding party just as soon as it can be arranged.

Mum Amanda Baylis, an employee relations manager at Preston College, said: “Her pacemaker wire had come away from her heart so it actually wasn’t working. It came as a massive shock. Sophie has got all of her energy now the pacemaker is working. Before she didn’t really have a lot of energy. We thought it was down to her heart not working properly. We didn’t have a clue her pacemaker was not working.”

Family friends and staff at Sophie’s nursery, Little Ducklings at Cabus, had also noticed she was a little tired,

Sophie suffers from a complex heart condition called Digeorge Syndrome and will need heart operations throughout her life. In the past she has also recovered from liver failure and was born with a hypoplastic lung - having just one and a half lungs.

Amanda said: “She has been through so much and she is only three-and- a-half. She is just a very strong little girl.”

Dad Grant Calder, a painter and decorator, was at his daughter’s bedside and had to miss his father’s wedding to bride Paula and was not able to give a planned speech.

Amanda said: “It was one of the family events of the year and we missed it. Now Grant’s dad is taking us back to Edinburgh and we’re going to do everything again - except the vows part.”

Meanwhile, the newly-weds are coming to Catterall for Christmas, as is Grant’s mother.

Amanda said: “It will be a wonderful Christmas now.”




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