Gran heartbroken over dog attack

upset: Kathryn and Jim Wrennall at home and (below) Blu, who was attacked

upset: Kathryn and Jim Wrennall at home and (below) Blu, who was attacked

A grandmother has spoken of her heartbreak following a vicious attack on her beloved pet.

Heartbroken Kathryn Wrennall’s 12-year-old border terrier Blu was set upon by another dog. The stricken pet was later put down by a vet.

Kathryn, 64, who lives with her husband Jim, 68, on Pear Tree Avenue, Coppull, is now nervous about taking her other border terrier pet. Boris, eight, out for walks, as a result of the attack and has called for common sense from owners.

“It’s just to alert the number of dog owners there are around this area,” she said.

“It’s got to the stage with what had happened with little Blu, I’m constantly looking over my shoulder.

“I know a lot of people are feeling the same.”

Blu was attacked on Pear Tree Avenue by a husky-type dog being walked off a lead on the Spring Bank Holiday Monday in May.

“I was taking Blu out as normal and a dog came off the field and without any provocation it went for her and shook her,” said Kathryn

“It was like a husky-type dog. A young girl was with it, there were two big dogs.

“Everybody heard my scream all over the railway line. The neighbours heard me and came out. I’m so thankful I didn’t have my granddaughter with me, who’s six.”

Kathryn rang the police who told her to report then incident to Chorley Council.

“I must say, Chorley Council and the dog warden has been very supportive to us,” said Kathryn.

Coun Paul Walmsley, Chorley Council’s member for community safety, said: “This is a terribly distressing incident for Mrs Wrennall and we have every sympathy for her.

“We did, as we always do, investigate it at the time. However, we do strongly support her call for people to keep their dogs under control in public areas.”




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