Goss in talks to axe 60 more staff

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The future of another Lancashire manufacturer is under threat as the recession eats away at its sales.

Printing press maker Goss Graphic Systems is in talks with staff about laying off up to 60 workers at its site in Fylde Road, Preston.

This would leave the firm, which once employed more than 1,000, with a staff of just 100.

General manager Shane Lancaster has admitted that he "cannot say one way or the other" whether the firm has a future in the UK, with its manufacturing operations already shifted to the United States.

It has even emptied its former workshop, switching off the electricity and heating to cut costs, since production switched to the United States two years ago.

Mr Lancaster said: "We have tried to consolidate the people we employ into a smaller area to empty space on the site we do not use to save money.

"I cannot see any real prospect of things picking up in the short-term, so we are just having to cut costs and batten down the hatches.

"We are like every other business at the moment, we are facing huge challenges and we have to do everything to make sure that the company survives.

"But Goss is a global company, so we are affected on all fronts."

He said that its customers, which include national and regional newspapers, have "turned the taps off" on buying presses and could not see that changing until major high street banks started lending cash again.

Asked whether the firm had a future in the UK, Mr Lancaster said: "There is no plans on the cards to leave at the moment, but with the market as it is at the moment, we just cannot say one way or the other."

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