Fulwood Barracks welcomes the Queen

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Thousands of soldiers, cadets, veterans, dignitaries and relatives descended on the Watling Street Road barracks to catch a glimpse of the Queen.

The Queen is the Colonel in Chief of the two-year-old Duke of Lancaster's regiment - which formed after the merger of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment, the King's Regiment and the King's Own Royal Border Regiment.

The regiment held a parade in the morning to march off the old colours and Her Majesty arrived at Fulwood Barracks at 11.45am for the presentation of new ones.

They were consecrated in a short religious ceremony by the Chaplin General and then Her Majesty presented the colours to the regiment, before they were trooped and the soldiers marched off.

Lft Col Mark Kenyon, commanding officer for the 2nd battalion, Duke of Lancaster regiment, is parade commander and played host to the Queen on the day.

He said: "The soldiers are clearly delighted and very proud. This isn't something that happens often and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of these young people."

Soldiers were chosen to be introduced to the Queen, including those who have been given gallantry awards for operations in Iraq or others who have excelled in the sporting field.

Territorial Army soldier Lance Corp Genna Haines, 21, said: "It's obviously a very proud day for myself but also for all the battalions and the regiment as a whole."

Kingsman Johannes Voges, 20, from Fulwood, said: "I'm on annual camp at the moment and we've been doing weapon and foot drill and prepping our uniforms.

"Every night we've spending hours awake, pulling your boots onto your bed, ironing your creases into your trousers - all ready for Her Majesty."

Kingsman Jack Barron, 21, from Bamber Bridge was watched by his proud mother, father and grandmother.

He said: "I found out about this five weeks ago when I returned from Afghanistan. We've been doing plenty of drill and practice and for the last two weeks, it has been drill every day - from dusk til dawn.

"It's very tiring, you're aching and it feels like you've done a full workout at the gym. It's quite boring but you know you're doing it for something worthwhile."

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