Frustration as rubbish is dumped at estate

Fly tipping at TW Fabrications, Rough Hey industrial estate

Fly tipping at TW Fabrications, Rough Hey industrial estate

Fly tippers have dumped a van load of rubbish outside a business on a Preston industrial estate.

A mattress, wooden boards and even a bathtub were abandoned at T W Fabrications on the Rough Hey estate.

And now the structural steelwork company, between Ribbleton and Grimsargh, has been left to foot the bill for the “infuriating” mess.

The rubbish was dumped on land currently used as a car park after staff left the premises earlier this month, and was discovered when workers arrived at 6.30am the following day.

Company director Christine Cross said: “It’s a nuisance and it’s infuriating that people feel they can come and tip their rubbish on other people’s premises where the majority of us have to make arrangements to have it disposed of and pay for the privilege.

“There’s CCTV footage of it and there’s a white transit van that’s pulled up.

“Now we’ve got to deal with it. It’s definitely not a straightforward job to get rid of it. It’s frustrating and infuriating because the rest of us have to do it properly. This particular night we were the unlucky ones and they chose to put it on our property.”

Coun Robert Boswell, Preston Council’s cabinet member for environment said: “It’s quite outrageous that this valued and respectable local company now has to pick up the bill for someone else’s rubbish.

“No doubt the people that dumped the rubbish were paid cash to take it away without a second thought for where it might end up. Well, now we all know where it has ended up and the problem it’s caused.

“We’d like to hear from anyone who might know where this rubbish has come from. Please call our litter line on 01772 906909.”

Gary Gibson, Preston Council’s enforcement officer, said: “Someone must know where this rubbish has come from and we are appealing for any information that might lead to finding the people that dumped it.

“Most of the time, stuff like this is dumped on the highway or on public land and the council has to pay to clean it up. But this is private land and it will now cost T W Fabrications hundreds of pounds to dispose of this rubbish properly, yet it has nothing to do with them.”




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