First stop Preston Flag Market... next stop Normandy

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Preston’s Flag Market was invaded by military vehicles when Jeeps, Chevrolets and motorbikes roared into the city ahead of a historic mission.

A convoy of 19 vehicles from the South Cumbria & North Lancashire Military Vehicle Trust will make a pilgrimage to Normandy in the North of France to mark the 70th Anniversary of the D Day landings on June 7 and secretary, David Salisbury, will be one of the men leading the way.

Ahead of the trip, the trust showcased the vehicles on Preston’s Flag Market to the joy of passers-by.

He said: “We sail on June 3 and will spend five days in Normandy to take part in the commemorations.

“There will be American, Canadian and English vehicles going in two convoys both on motorways and A roads so we don’t make too much of a nuisance.”

The 40 members who make up the organisation bring in vehicles from all over the world.

David said: “ We have one fellow who bought a car from Switzerland and drove it straight home - there’s wasn’t much left of it by the time he’d finished!

“And I’ve just been working on one that was shipped over from America.”

The Trust is always looking for new members, including those who don’t own their own vehicle but are simply interested in the history.

The group meets every Tuesday in Garstang. To contact David Salisbury telephone 01772 715749.




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