Fire crews stage more strikes over pensions

Latest news from lep.co.uk

Latest news from lep.co.uk

Scores of firefighters across Lancashire will join four-hour strikes tonight and tomorrow in protest at changes to their pensions.

The walkouts are the latest in a national campaign to force a rethink by the Government over plans to make frontline staff work until the age of 60.

Firefighters will be on the picket line between six and 10 this evening and the same time tomorrow.

Steve Harman, Lancashire secretary of the Fire Brigade’s Union, said: “It’s not an ideal situation because we all want to get back to work. Our members are dedicated firefighters and don’t want to be out on the streets on strike, even if it is just for a few hours.

“But we want a pension scheme that is fit for purpose - and the one the Government is proposing just isn’t.

“Under their scheme a high percentage of our members probably won’t get through to pension age on fitness requirements.”




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