Evening Post’s Karl tries – and fails – to eat 4½lb monster

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This is the gargantuan meal that could bring a tear to the eye of even the biggest eater – a whopping 72oz steak.

Preston restaurant NYC Steakhouse is setting diners the monster eating challenge, inspired by telly’s Man v Food, and anyone who can polish off the jumbo rump, along with chips and a side salad, gets the £50 meal on the house.

However, since the challenge was launched earlier in the year only a handful of brave/stupid (delete appropriately) diners have attempted it and not one has succeeded.

So, the Evening Post’s resident glutton, Karl Holbrook, and Preston councillor Drew Gale warmed up their jaws to take on the four-and-a-half -pound monster steak challenge.

Before they could start, the big-eating pair were warned of the rules – a steak the size of a newborn baby, a bowl of chips, a side salad, one hour to complete, no help, no toilet breaks and no standing up.

Coun Gale, who warmed up his stomach with a Big Mac meal hours before the challenge, got off to the better start, chomping more than half of the super cut, which is seven times bigger than a standard 10oz steak, in the first 15 minutes, leaving Karl in his beefy wake.

Disarmed by the first delicious bite, he said: “The meat is amazing. Cooked to perfection – just tonnes of it.

“I don’t know how I’ll do, but I’ll give it my best shot.”

But after half an hour of constant chewing, the pair both hit the wall, with each mouthful becoming a battle, and as the 45-minute mark approached the meat juices started oozing from their sweat glands.

“I’ve heard of the meat sweats,” Karl said. “But today I got a chance to get up close and personal with them. Never again.

“It’s just so much chewing. I’ve been chewing this last piece for five minutes and it isn’t going anywhere.”

As the time kicked on, it was clear in the epic battle of man versus food, food, most certainly, defeated the sweaty, lock-jawed pair.

Gut-busted Drew said: “I got off the a great start but then it hits you and you can’t carry on. It’s really tough. 
Never in my life have I left a steak, until today.”

Manager Chris Capper, who was on hand to officiate at the challenge, said: “Seven people have tried it now and none has managed it. One guy managed the steak but was beaten by the chips. He just hit the wall.

“A lot of people look at it and think ‘I could do that.’ But it’s a lot harder than it looks.

“I’ll give it a bit longer and if nobody does it, I’ll have a crack at it myself.”

By the end, beaten but unbloodied Karl had more than 2lb of steak left on his plate and Drew more than 1lb.

The restaurant, which is next to Rumes nightclub in Church Street, also offers diners a whopping burger challenge. Eat a 1lb double, double burger with seasoned fries in under 12 minutes and earn a special challenge t-shirt.

For those who like their meals a little less crazy, they also offer a host of classic American-style favourites, like (normal sized) steaks, hotdogs and stone-baked pizzas.

For a full review of NYC Steakhouse, see Saturday’s LEP.




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