Natalie Critchley found guilty of cruelty to her daughter Lia Green

Lia Green
Lia Green
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The mother of Lia Green has been found guilty of cruelty to her daughter, who died at the hands of her father last August.

The jury at Preston Crown Court took just over two hours to find Natalie Critchley guilty of wilfully neglecting Lia by failing to seek medical help until it was too late.

Three-year-old Lia died from peritonitis caused by a blow to her abdomen. Her mother said she did not realise how poorly her daughter was and denied cruelty after a charge of causing or allowing Lia’s death was dropped.

Lia’s father Richard Green, 23, of Harling Road, Preston, pleaded guilty to manslaughter last month after originally being charged with murder.

Critchley, 21, of Norris Street, Preston, cried in the dock as Green entered his guilty plea to causing her daughter’s death.

But today the jury unanimously found her guilty of wilful neglect at the conclusion of a three week trial.

The four women and eight men asked to hear Critchley and Green’s 999 call one last time before reaching their verdict.

Critchley wiped tears away as the haunting recording was played in court.

An hour later when her guilt was confirmed the mum dropped and shook her head and started to cry.

Det Supt Andy Murphy, senior investigating officer, said he was pleased with the verdict but there were “no winners” in the case.

He said: “Lia had her whole life ahead of her and the people who should have been protecting her have let her down in an unthinkable and unimaginable way.

“Only Richard Green knows why he did what he did that night to his daughter and he will have to live with that for the rest of his life.

“Today, Lia is in my thoughts and the thoughts of my team.”

Green and Critchley are expected to be sentenced on May 24.