Lapdancer ‘stamped on girl’s face’

Jailed: Sinead Dewar
Jailed: Sinead Dewar
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A lapdancer stamped on a co-worker’s face repeatedly with a six inch stiletto heel in a row over a glass of wine.

Sinead Dewar took offence at being called a thief and set upon Jessica Moran in the changing area of the Preston lapdancing club where they both worked.

Now, the tanned 25-year-old is starting an 16 month prison sentence for her savage attack on mum-of-one Jessica at the Room 32 club in Preston.

Dewar wore a gold sequinned jacket which she removed as she stepped into the dock at Preston Crown Court where the sickening details of her attack were recounted.

Her victim Jessica, 34, had been working her first shift as a dancer at Room 32.

The clash concerned a drink which had gone missing.

But when the pair began arguing in front of the punters, club manager Danielle - who declined to give evidence in court - suggested they took their row to a changing area, out of sight.

In the basement area, 5ft 9in Dewar towered over petite Miss Moran in her six inch patent cream stilettos. Without warning Dewar punched Jessica in her nose sending the new dancer into shock before raining four or five more blows to her head. At one point Dewar took hold of Jessica’s neck as she continued her vicious attack but when Jessica fell to the floor and tried to crawl away, Dewar kicked and stamped on her with her shoe.

Jessica, who now has a permanent shadow in her left eye, eventually managed to escape to the bar area of the club where she told the barman she was leaving and was taken home.

Recorder James Parry, sentencing, said: “She cried throughout the night. She returned home and told her mum. She was terrified that in the morning her infant son would wake to see the terrible state his mum was in.”

The following day Jessica went to Royal Preston Hospital a fractured cheekbone and bruises to her face and the backs of her legs.

She was unable to open her eye for four days and the swelling was so severe it was not possible to tell whether she had a fractured eye socket.

Jessica now suffers anxiety and flashbacks and is unable to sleep without sleeping pills as she still suffers nightmares 11 months after the attack.

Her plans to open her own jewellery business have come crashing down and she is receiving counselling for post-traumatic stress disorder.

During her trial at Preston Crown Court in March, Dewar insisted she was acting in self defence but she was convicted of causing actual bodily harm (ABH) by the jury.

A psychiatric report into Dewar by Dr Stephen Noblett revealed she suffers from a mild form of Aspergers syndrome and can react aggressively when people intrude into her personal space. But Recorder Parry told her: “You clearly have a capacity to function in society and you chose to work in an environment where by it’s very nature people would be in very close proximity to you.”

Dewar, of Rathmore Court, Blackpool, wiped tears from her eyes as she was jailed her for 16 months.