Knife attack wife spared jail

Preston Crown Court.
Preston Crown Court.
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A woman who stabbed her abusive husband with a kitchen knife has been spared jail after a court heard she was acting in self-defence.

Krystyna Lowczynowska, 57, plunged the blade into her husband’s back when he locked her inside the house they shared in Bamber Bridge.

Neighbours living close to the couple in Havelock Road, described the pair as being “as bad as each other” regularly drinking to excess and having violent rows.

Harry Pepper, prosecuting, told Preston Crown Court, neighbours were alerted to Mr Lowczynowska knocking at the door saying he had been stabbed.

He had a wound to his back and was bleeding heavily.

Mrs Lowczynowska followed her husband and helped the neighbours administer first aid and keep her husband comfortable with blankets and cushions while they waited for the emergency services to arrive.

Mr Lowczynowska was taken to Royal Preston Hospital where he was treated for a single stab wound to his back.

Darren Lee-Smith, defending, said: “There have been years of problems with her husband. She has had opportunities to distance herself from the relationship but simply put, she loves her husband.

“On this day she completely snapped and completely lost her temper to the extent that it is difficult to explain and not to try to justify her actions.”

However the court heard Mr Lowcynowska did not want to see his wife imprisoned - although he wanted her to address her drinking and relationship difficulties.

Lowczynowksa pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent to her husband.

Judge Simon Newell, sentencing, said: “Normally when people stab other people in the way she did, they go to prison.”

However, after speaking to members of the family he was persuaded to suspend the sentence on the condition Lowczynowska does not return to the marital home but lives with her daughter in Lovat Road, Preston.

He asked the couple’s son to support the order, saying: “Your mum and dad need to be kept apart. If they don’t, one of them might kill the other.”

The couple’s son, Pietre, replied: “I don’t want that to happen”, before turning to his mother and saying: “Don’t go back to dad.”

Judge Newell sentenced Lowczynowska to 14 months suspended for 18 months with supervision, telling her: “I can’t stop you from having contact with your husband but you are not to have unsupervised contact and you will not be staying with him overnight as you will be living with your daughter.”