Injuctions taken out to protect vulnerable tenant

Latest news from the Lancashire Evening Post

Latest news from the Lancashire Evening Post

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A housing association has taken out injuctions against four drug dealers, in order to protect a vulnerable tenant.

Chorley Community Housing (CCH) decided to act after the man, who cannot be named for fear of further problems, went into hospital and his family expressed concerns.

CCH Tenancy Enforcement Officer Neil Kenyon said: “They told us that the perpetrators were using the flat to store stolen goods, threatening and possibly assaulting their relative and bullying him into allowing them to use his flat as a doss house.”

Neil visited the hospital, where the man was being treated.

He was made aware by hospital staff that the tenant was due to return to his flat in the New Year, and he wanted to take action quickly.

CCH’s Tenancy Enforcement Manager Debbie Parkinson said: “Neil prepared an application for four injunctions to target the main perpetrators.

“When we went to court the judge agreed to grant all of the orders and also granted a power of arrest.

“This means that if the perpetrators approach our tenant, or use or threaten violence towards him they can be arrested and could be sent to prison.

“Hopefully, the injunction orders will help the tenant on his road to recovery.”