Charity hopes city’s knitters will help get people bouncing

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Preston’s knitters have been invited to take up their needles this month to help raise funds for charity - by making legwarmers for trampolinists.

Trampoline supplier Super Tramp has joined forces with knitwear designer Rebecca Peach to offer people a free pattern to make leg warmers in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Trust.

Chris Prentis, managing director of Super Tramp, said: “People can download or print off their free knitting pattern by visiting

“Once the legwarmers are knitted we are asking people to send them back in so that they can be sold via our website, with all proceeds going to the CF Trust, which is our charity of the year.

“Legwarmers are great for garden trampolinists as they help keep their ankles warm in the cooler months. They can’t be made of man-made fibres because otherwise they can create too much static when bouncing.”

The CF Trust wants to highlight the health benefits of bouncing to the UK’s 9,300 plus CF sufferers.

CF is a common life-threatening inherited disease, caused by a faulty gene that affects the internal organs, especially the lungs and digestive system.

Sue Piper, from the charity said: “We know families with children who have CF often use trampolines as a fun way to help them do their daily physio.”