Staff at a Lancashire company have qualified in Building Information Modelling

Ameon's qualified BIM managers - from left: Scott Porter, Ian McClean (rear), David Connor, Daniel Nixon, Bradley Croft and Jonathan Burley.
Ameon's qualified BIM managers - from left: Scott Porter, Ian McClean (rear), David Connor, Daniel Nixon, Bradley Croft and Jonathan Burley.
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They were among the earliest adopters of the technology when it hit the construction industry.

Now six key managers at a north west building services engineering company are among the first in the sector to become fully qualified in Building Information Modelling following considerable investment in technology, software and training by Lancashire-based Ameon.

Ameon, which at the end of 2013 gained inclusion in the London Stock Exchange’s inaugural “1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain” list, is in the vanguard of building systems design technology.

Its key personnel are amongmany receiving ongoing training in BIM, which is hailed as the future standard for building infrastructure design.

BIM software allows specifiers, services designers, project managers and technical staff to work with three-dimensional mapping of construction projects with materials/equipment specifications and location of all services detailed with pinpoint accuracy in a computer simulation that signals the end of the conventional blueprint.

And Blackpool-based Ameon’s management is among the first in the building services sector to adopt the new technology on all projects.

Ameon managing director Robin Lawson views the commitment to BIM as a valuable investment.

He said: “BIM has become the established standard across the construction sector; therefore it is critical that companies such as ours have invested in the technology and training to enable us to provide the expertise that is expected by all main contractors in the industry.

“It is one of the most useful developments in systems and infrastructure design in recent years and is transforming the way contractors and trades operate on site.

“We invested in BIM and adopted the technology at a time when market conditions were at their most difficult but I view that as a wise move and I see our investment in technology and training now paying dividends as we seek to maintain our position in the market with the economy now improving, particularly in relation to construction.”

In addition to specific management training initiatives, Ameon has also expanded its trade apprenticeships in areas such as plumbing, heating and ventilation, and electrical, and continues to develop its highly successful management apprenticeship scheme, which offers candidates an engineering degree qualification and management position upon graduation.