School site now looks set for housing green light

Green light: School site in Hampshire Road, Walton-le-Dale could now be homes

Green light: School site in Hampshire Road, Walton-le-Dale could now be homes

Councillors are poised to ignore public objections and grant a 48-home development on a site once earmarked for a new school in Walton-le-Dale.

A planning application from builders Redrow for a plot of land on Hampshire Road has been recommended for approval, subject to conditions.

The matter will come before South Ribble Planning Committee next Wednesday, with officers advising members to give it the go-ahead.

The development follows a decision by Lancashire County Council not to proceed with a plan to build a new primary school on the 1.32 hectare site.

The County Council reserved the land in 1999, a year after Redrow originally planned to build homes there to add to the Holland House Farm estate. But, after 14 years in which the school failed to materialise, LCC have returned the plot to the builders and a scheme for homes has re-emerged.

Only recently local councillor Andrea Ball, who lives on the adjacent housing estate, raised residents’ objections to housing and would have preferred a school.

“That’s what a lot of the residents would have liked to have seen, either that, or leave it as a green space for the children of the estate to enjoy,” she said. “Another area adjacent to the site is being turned into an estate and that would be a nice green break.”

She added: “There is also a problem with this estate that there’s only one entrance and one exit. When we’ve had bad winters, a lot of us have had to abandon our cars on Chorley Road. So more homes will not help this.”

The council has received 14 letters of objection including concerns over increased traffic, loss of privacy, trees and wildlife and an over supply of housing in the area.




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