Preston North End beer heading for Westminster

John Smith of Hart Brewery, Preston is supplying beer to the Stranger's Bar at the Houses of Parliament

John Smith of Hart Brewery, Preston is supplying beer to the Stranger's Bar at the Houses of Parliament

MPs and civil servants will soon be supping a Preston North End beer down in Westminster.

Hart Brewery’s bottled beers and cask ales are going to be served at the Strangers’ Bar in the Houses of Parliament in London from next year.

The selection on offer will include PNE 1880, the 3.7 per cent, light coloured, bottled session beer which the microbrewery created in partnership with the football club.

The Strangers’ Bar is open to MPs and officers of Parliament, their guests, and members of parliamentary staff.

John Smith, Harts’ managing director, said the deal came about after he was contacted by Preston MP Mark Hendrick.

He said: “Mark said it would be an honour to have our beers at the House of Commons bar.

“He came down and we had a great talk and he was full of support for us.

“He has invited us down there to meet everybody and have a tour next year.

“Without a doubt we’re going to take the PNE beer because Mark is a Preston North End fan, and one of our best sellers, Dishy Debbie, because that is a real favourite.”

Harts, which employees four people, was previously based at the Cartford Inn in Little Eccleston.

It has been brewing in Preston for the last three years and has ales available in local pubs such as the Old Black Bull, the Dog and Partridge, the Old Vic and the Adelphi.

Mr Hendrick was given a tour of the microbrewery at Oxheys Industrial Estate, off Greenbank Street, by John and Peter Dean, sales and marketing manager, before sampling a selection of the ales and having a go at pulling a pint.

He said: “I’ve been a supporter of real ale for many years and I’m delighted there is a local producer in my constituency able to produce high quality ales and bottled beers, which members of the public can buy directly from to enjoy at home or in the city’s local pubs.

“I’m delighted Harts’ ales and beers will be put on tap in the House of Commons Strangers’ Bar, some time early next year.”

The ‘Campaign for Real Ale’ works to distinguish this type of cask ale from other ales. The term real ale also covers the bottle-conditioned beer.

Harts’ bottle conditioned beers include Lancashire Best, Guild 2012 and Ice Maiden, while some of its cask ales are Temptress, Torch Light Bronze and Victoria Oyster Stout.

The ale produced at the brewery is unfiltered and unpasteurised beer, which is conditioned and served from a cask without additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure.

Tours of the microbrewery, which include a talk on its 15-year history and the chance to sample a selection of beers, are available.

John said: “I’m so proud that we’re back in the city and the fact that so many football fans are turning up at the brewery to try the PNE beer is great. It’s become a real community centre now.”

Call 01772 437651 to book a tour.




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