McDonald’s to create new jobs

Confident: Nigel Dunnington

Confident: Nigel Dunnington

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Fast food chain McDonald’s has announced it will create 95 jobs in Lancashire this year.

The move is part of McDonald’s plans to employ another 2,500 staff across its UK franchises.

Fourteen of the new jobs will be in Preston, and four each in Leyland, Chorley, Morecambe and Lancaster.

The chain said the recruitment had been driven by investment in its technology, new restaurants and extended opening hours and menus.

Last year, 70% of new employees were young people under 21 on McDonald’s training schemes.

McDonald’s franchisee, Nigel Dunnington, who owns nine restaurants in Lancashire, including one in Leyland, said: “In 2012 we added some fantastic crew from the local community to our team, many of whom were starting out in their first job and may otherwise not have had the opportunity to join the world of work.

“As a local employer, I believe it’s important for all those who can, to continue giving young people in particular the chance to get workplace experience.

“I’m confident that in the year ahead there will be the same level of enthusiasm and talent from applicants in Lancashire, and I’m looking forward to employing even more young people in my restaurants.”

Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, praised McDonald’s for offering more opportunities to young people.

Among the training on offer is qualifications from adult certificates in Maths and English to apprenticeships and a Foundation Degree offered to restaurant managers.

Mr Cable said: “I’m pleased to see how McDonald’s is providing training and apprenticeships in a range of skills.

“McDonald’s is also to be applauded for helping adult employees get qualifications in maths and English.

“Poor literacy and numeracy skills can hold people back in the workplace.”