Firms advised not to panic over ruling

James Bellamy
James Bellamy
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Lancashire firms have been advised not to panic over a court ruling on the Government’s back-to-work schemes.

Graduate Cait Reilly, 24, undertook a legal challenge after being forced to work for free at a Poundland store while she was searching for a permanent job. The Court of Appeal this week ruled in favour of Miss Reilly and unemployed HGC driver Jamieson Wilson, who also took part in an unpaid scheme. Judges said the regulations underpinning the work scheme were legally flawed.

However, the Government has since said it will go to the Supreme Court to appeal against the ruling made in the Appeals Court.

James Bellamy, of Marsden Rawsthorn solicitors, in 
Preston, advised Lancashire 
employers who have taken part in the back-to-work schemes not to panic over the decision.

He said: “The court didn’t rule in principle this agreement was wrong, it ruled the processes were wrong. Until we get a final decision it leaves it a little bit in limbo at the