Businessman invited to shale gas inquiry

Remsol managing director Lee Petts outside his office

Remsol managing director Lee Petts outside his office

Businessman Lee Petts headed to the House of Lords to take part in a government inquiry into the future of shale gas and fracking.

Lee, founder and managing director of Preston-based Remsol, was asked to take part in the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee: Inquiry into The Economic Impact on UK Energy Policy of Shale Gas and Oil.

He presented written evidence, and answer questions on shale gas development in Lancashire.

Lee was selected as a prominent, local supporter of shale that has also benefited from early efforts to create a home-grown supply chain.

He said: “It is a hot topic at the moment, and I am pleased that they are asking for the input of the right people and the right organisations.”

He will express qualified support for extracting shale gas from around and off the coast of Lancashire.

He said: “I wouldn’t support shale extraction if I didn’t believe it could be done safely.

“That’s not to say it’s without risk, but in my opinion, the identified risks can be adequately controlled provided that operators implement accepted good practice and comply with the regulations that are in place.”

At the inquiry, Lee will also talk about the benefits both to the country’s energy resources and to the Lancashire economy.

Other members of the Lancashire delegation included John Kersey, Lancashire chairman of the Institute of Directors, two members of the Residents’ Action of Fylde Fracking and Peter Atherton, head of equity research – Utilities, Liberum Capital.

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