Fitness enthusiast Karl wants to sets up midday classes

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For many people, lunch time exercise consists of little more than a dash to the shop or a trip to the canteen.

But one fitness enthusiast is hoping to give workers’ dinner hours an energy boost – with daytime “boot camp” fitness sessions.

Personal trainer Karl Fleming hopes to run intensive sessions in Preston’s Winckley Square, to shape up staff at surrounding businesses during their breaks.

He is now awaiting approval from Preston Council, but hopes to begin the boot camps next month.

Karl said: “I came up with the idea of targeting the people who have family commitments after work, and I though I would try to put something together for a midday session.

“We are right on the door step, and the intention is they will come out on their lunch break.

“To start with, we are doing one session in a day from 12.10pm to 12.50pm, so they will have 10 minutes to get out of work and get changed.

“If it’s successful, we’ll do it again at 1.10pm to 1.50pm.”

Karl, who is based at Buckshaw Village, said the sessions were designed to be an intensive workout.

He said: “I’ve never really found somewhere suitable, but it’s a really nice park, right in the centre.

“There’s plenty of opportunity to approach local businesses, and to attract local businesses and potential members. It’s going to be an intense kind of boot camp.

“It will be more structured, so they get a really good workout but they can still go back to work not full of mud.”

Karl said the sessions would involve interval training including speed and agility, as well as body weights.

He said: “It will tax them –it will push them to their limit and there won’t be that much of a rest.”




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