Airport growth ‘vital’ to Lancashire

Economy: Norman Tenray
Economy: Norman Tenray
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Business leaders in Lancashire have backed plans to expand Heathrow Airport.

The North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce said in an open letter to the Airports Commission a strong hub at Heathrow would bring huge benefits to British business.

Signed by 22 other Chambers representing over 40,000 businesses from across the UK, the letter is a strong endorsement from British business for an expanded Heathrow.

The Chambers recognise that only an expanded Heathrow is capable of keeping all of Britain at the heart of the global economy by continuing to put on the flights that drive tourism, inward investment and connect British business to the fast growing markets in Asia and South America.

Norman Tenray, president of the Lancashire Chamber said: “Heathrow is the vital hub connecting the UK to the rest of the world and its economic importance cannot be under-estimated.

“If the UK is to continue to be Europe’s preferred business destination then we need more capacity and connectivity, delivered without delay.

“A significant amount of freight emanating from the North West is routed via Heathrow either directly from our manufacturing base or indirectly via our many freight forwarding companies.

“We need Heathrow to keep the UK at the heart of the global economy, connect every economic centre in the UK to growth markets, and keep its inbound tourism industries sustainable.”

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said: “Heathrow is geographically in the best location, is the only airport that can deliver flights to the world’s growth markets and the only option that has exports front and centre of its expansion plans.”