Bike security month is set to launch in the new year

Awareness: Cycle safety month taking place

Awareness: Cycle safety month taking place

Police will be launching a new bicycle crime prevention initiative in the new year.

Bike security month will run throughout January around Lancashire, with the aim of promoting the importance of taking proper bicycle security measures, following a rise in bicycle thefts in the area in recent months.

As part of this, neighbourhood policing teams will be offering free bicycle-marking to members of the public.

It will allow people to have their bikes marked with a permanent, unique reference number, which can then be registered with Bike Register.

To launch bike security month, the police will be holding a promotional event at Lancaster’s St. Nicholas’ Arcade tomorrow from 12pm to 4pm.

Sgt James Neale of Lancaster Police said: “Bike security month is being carried out due to recent increases in reports of cycle thefts within the area. By registering bikes, it is hoped that this will deter thieves and, in the event of bikes being stolen, we will have more chance of reuniting bikes with their owners.

“We will be offering a free bicycle-marking service at both Lancaster and Morecambe police stations every Sunday throughout bike security month, as well as approaching local schools, workplaces and residential areas to offer this service too, and I strongly encourage all bike owners to take up this opportunity.”




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