Bedroom tax aid a patchwork quilt

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Latest news

Fewer than 30 per cent of disabled people hit by the bedroom tax in the North West receive Government help, a new survey shows.

The shock figures come from a National Housing Federation survey of people applying for discretionary housing payments. The NHF approached every local authority in the country with Freedom of Information requests and found wildly varying results depending on where applicants live.

The Government says discretionary housing payments will protect the most vulnerable from the bedroom tax. But, while demand has almost tripled this year, people in some areas have a very low likelyhood of receiving help. Nationally seven in 10 people who applied received one. But in some parts of the country it was as few as two in 10.

Disabled face even greater uncertainty, despite the fact that two-thirds of people - about 420,000 people - hit by the bedroom tax are disabled. Across the country 29 per cent who aplied were turned down, but their likelyhood of getting help in some areas, including the North West, was even lower.

“This support fund is ineffective and deeply unfair – just like the bedroom tax itself. The only real solution is to repeal it,” said NHF chief executive David Orr.




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