ASBO yob jailed for police threat

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A teenage tearaway banned from Preston has been caged after threatening to bite the ear off a police officer.

Graffiti vandal Dean McLaughlin, 18, formerly of Wellfield Road in Preston breached his ASBO twice in and has been jailed for 140 days.

Blackpool Magistrates Court heard how McLaughlin tried to pull the hat off a woman community support officer before telling a male police officer he would bite his ear off and shouted: "I'm going to find out who you are, where you live and slit your kids' throats."

McLaughlin was banned from Preston for forming part of a gang along with younger brother Jake which took part in the worst-ever graffiti spate in the city's history leaving 100,000 of damage.

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He was also banned from carrying paint sprays, paint and marker pens in public or inciting behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

But the court heard how he threatened the police officer on August 16 in Blackpool before being caught with a metal knuckleduster during a search for cannabis on October 15.

The defending lawyer John McLaren said McLaughlin's family moved to Blackpool following his ASBO and McLaughlin, now of Elizabeth Court, Layton, was joking with officers which involved playing a prank to remove the community support officer's hat.

McLaughlin's behaviour had been fuelled by drink and he later referred himself for alcohol treatment and counselling, the court heard.

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