Animal clinic is saved by new venture with city vets

Saved: John Wareing of the RSPCA says the clinic will continue to help their clients

Saved: John Wareing of the RSPCA says the clinic will continue to help their clients

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An under-threat animal clinic has been saved from closure thanks to a new venture with a Lancashire veterinary group.

The RSPCA Preston and District branch clinic had been losing more than £1,000 a month, and was open for just three sessions a week.

But now Myerscough Veterinary Group will lease the Lancaster Road building from the branch, and will treat both private and RSPCA clients in a “fantastic” new project.

This time last year, Preston RSPCA announced they were just two months away from closure, but following a public appeal the branch now has five or six months of funding left.

Preston RSPCA manager John Wareing said: “In the past, the clinic was only open three sessions a week. Now we’ve come up with a joint venture with Myerscough Vets, and they are going to rent the building from us and run it as a Myerscough Vets.

“They are going to see all their private clients, and in addition to that they are going to offer appointments to RSPCA clients. So those people on certain benefits who would have gone to the old clinic can make an appointment to go to that vets. The benefit being, instead of it being for three hours a week, there would be somewhere in the region of 15 hours a week, so potentially five times the number of animals we can help.”

He added: “Instead of us looking at closing the clinic down and looking at losing a service, we have been able to come up with a joint venture where more animals than ever before can be helped. So it is really exciting for us.”

He said while the venture would not help the Ribbleton-based animal centre, it would help the animals. The new clinic is due to open on Monday and will be offering free microchipping for cats and dogs.