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Families are left counting the cost of the damage after the high winds hit the Lancashire.

Trees crashed down, slates smashed from roofs and buildings were damaged in high winds.

Now residents have begun counting the cost of the storm.

Jade Crossthwaite and her five-week-old baby were trapped inside their Larches home after a tree branch smashed through the garden.

Jade, of Thistleton Road, said she was sitting in the living room on Wednesday evening when she heard a “massive crash”.

She said: “A huge branch off the tree, that was like the size of another tree, had fallen down, smashed through the hedge and hit the window and the front door.

“I looked out of the window and tried to open the front door but I couldn’t 
because it was blocking it.”

Jade, 26, said she called her partner Mark, who had to climb over the back fence to get home.

She said: “I was just really scared, I didn’t know what had gone on because it was dark.”

Teams were yesterday working to chip the wood.

In Plungington, the high winds ripped a layer of bricks from a Norris Street house.

Owner Rob Ardron, 44, said he received a call telling him what had happened. He said: “I drove back and found police and the council there. I was gutted when I saw it, but the main thing is to make it safe.”

Wind and showers were forecast again for the start of today, but Met Office forecasters said the weather would improve in the afternoon with some sunshine.

Tomorrow is set for more sunshine before rain at the end of the day, but the weather is expected to now become more “typical” for the time of year, with temperatures between six and eight degrees.

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