Your Weddings

Your Weddings

YOUR WEDDING: Niall Hall and Amy Ford

High school eventually brought Niall Hall and Amy Ford together, leading to a beautiful wedding in Preston.

Your Weddings
Steve and Emma Davies

YOUR WEDDING: Emma Jackson and Steven Davies

A woodland-themed wedding saw Emma Jackson and Steven Davies tie the knot at the gorgeous venue, The Villa, in Wrea Green.

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Lynsy Poloczek and Chris Simm

YOUR WEDDING: Chris Simm and Lynsy Poloczek

From a Christmas Day proposal to a perfect big day at splendid venue.

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Michael and Natalie Hale

YOUR WEDDING: Michael Hale and Natalie Thompson

Couple enjoyed the perfect day – once the bride finally turned up!

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Christan and Lucy Upton

YOUR WEDDING: Christan Upton and Lucy Beswick

Teachers Christan Upton and Lucy Beswick tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony at Farington Lodge.

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Karl Leyland and Lyanne Gittins Ashley Barnard Photography

YOUR WEDDING: Karl Leyland and Lyanne Gittins

Sparks flew as romance blossomed for couple at a Bonfire Night party.

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Freda and Geoffrey Armstrong celebrate their diamond anniversary

Tea time meet leads to 60 years of wedded bliss

When Freda Armstrong went to her friend’s house for tea, she didn’t realise how it would change her life.

Tom and Lisa Coupe

YOUR WEDDING: Tom Coupe and Lisa Mathewson

Groom’s careful wedding planning created the perfect day for couple

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Dave and Lianne Roe were married at Our Lady and St Patricks Church in Walton-le-Dale, with a reception at Beeston Manor in Hoghton, which they travelled to in a vintage trailer

Unusual welcome-home for newlyweds

Boarded-up windows, manure on the driveway and a tractor in the dining room are not typical welcome-home gifts for a couple returning from their honeymoon.

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Tom and Liz Forster

YOUR WEDDING: Tom Forster and Liz Weldon

Vintage style wedding with music from the 60s and ice cream for all.

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Russell Fowley and Laura Hammond. Russell lifts his bride over his shoulder to take her to the gardens for photos following wind and rain on their wedding day.

YOUR WEDDING: Russell Fowley and Laura Hammond

Children help in touching marriage proposal for music-loving couple.

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Photo Neil Cross
Robert and Mavis Cowling celebrating their Diamond wedding anniversary

Couple celebrates diamond wedding anniversary

Being friendly and never bearing a grudge is the secret to a long and successful marriage, according to one happy couple.

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John and Nichola Shorrock

YOUR WEDDING: John Shorrock and Nichola Gileney

A chance meeting in Tesco car park lead to romance and a wedding for John Shorrock and Nichola Gileney.

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Dereck and Marjorie  Lewin are celebrating their diamond anniversary

Playing hard to get... and celebrating 60 years of marriage

Absence made the heart grow fonder as one couple who are celebrating their diamond anniversary can prove.
Tom Archer with his best men and ushers

Call the midwife... It was an extra special day for groom Tom Archer

Births and marriages are two momentous occasions in a person’s life.

Adam and Anya Bolton Photos by Kyle McLoughlin at Weddings by Kyle Tel:07854 859162

YOUR WEDDING: Adam Bolton and Anya Greenhalgh

Newlyweds Adam and Anya enjoy their picture perfect wedding day.

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A place to remember our absent friends

A place to remember our absent friends

Getting married is a special moment to be shared with family and close friends.

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Simon and Amy Holland

YOUR WEDDING: Simon Holland and Amy McCabe

Storm Troopers, Darth Vader and Starkiller partied with the guests

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Kevin Kelleher and Becky Crompton

YOUR WEDDING: Kevin Kelleher and Rebecca Crompton

American and English traditions for couple’s superb outdoor ceremony.

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Shock proposal on Harris balcony after graduation

Amid the smiles and photographs of this week’s graduation ceremonies, one couple had another reason to celebrate.

Your Weddings
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