Your Weddings

Your Weddings

Call the midwife... It was an extra special day for groom Tom Archer

Births and marriages are two momentous occasions in a person’s life.

Adam and Anya Bolton Photos by Kyle McLoughlin at Weddings by Kyle Tel:07854 859162

YOUR WEDDING: Adam Bolton and Anya Greenhalgh

Newlyweds Adam and Anya enjoy their picture perfect wedding day.

Your Weddings
A place to remember our absent friends

A place to remember our absent friends

Getting married is a special moment to be shared with family and close friends.

Your Weddings
Simon and Amy Holland

YOUR WEDDING: Simon Holland and Amy McCabe

Storm Troopers, Darth Vader and Starkiller partied with the guests

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Kevin Kelleher and Becky Crompton

YOUR WEDDING: Kevin Kelleher and Rebecca Crompton

American and English traditions for couple’s superb outdoor ceremony.

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Shock proposal on Harris balcony after graduation

Amid the smiles and photographs of this week’s graduation ceremonies, one couple had another reason to celebrate.

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Simon Bentham and Emma Redmond

YOUR WEDDINGS: Simon Bentham and Emma Redmond

Teachers tie the knot at fun-filled, magical and perfect wedding day

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Jane and Steve Cottam at their wedding at St Catherine's Hospice.
Steve, 52, who had stomach cancer, died just over a week later

Second chance at love cut short by cancer shock

Steve and Jane Cottam were given a second chance at love, but their happiness proved cruelly short lived after Steve’s shock cancer diagnosis.

Amy Zitnik and David Dargan

YOUR WEDDING: Amy Zitnik and David Dargan

Children played a key role in a wedding day of true celebration.

Jamie Davies and Jen Baines, from Lancaster, married at Our Lady and St Michaels Church in Alston, followed by a reception at Barton Grange Hotel in Preston. Pictures by Ashton Photography -

Feature wedding: Michael Kors watch was a diversion from Jen’s real gift - a diamond ring

When Jamie Davies insisted he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend, Jen Baines wasn’t having any of it.

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Tracey Beaumont and Matthew Walmsley, from Walton-le-Dale, tied the knot at Shaw Hill Golf Club, Chorley. Pictures by Vision Photography -

From Lion King proposal to being a Disney princess on wedding day

Snow White and Cinderella had nothing on bride Tracey Beaumont, according to her five-year-old daughter.

Your Weddings
Laura Walsh and Liam James married at Park Hall Hotel in Charnock Richard on Valentine's Day. Pictures by L&L Photography, part of Magic Munkeys Photography -

Romantic Valentine’s wedding for couple who met on a blind date

A regular shopping trip to Morrisons took an unusual turn for Laura Walsh, when she was approached by a stranger asking if she would like to be set up with a ‘good looking man’.


VIDEO: Groom enlisted help of feathered friend to surprise his bride

Darren Rossall surprised his bride - and all of their wedding guests - with a barn owl ring-bearer.

Chris Thomas and Ian Greaves married at Preston Registration Office, followed by a reception at Lea Social Club. Pictures by Ashley Barnard - With special thanks to Rosemere Cancer Foundation -

Thoughtful couple used nuptials to help charities close to their hearts

Even when tying the knot, dedicated nurse Chris Thomas showed he was also married to his job.

Adlington couple Emma Langley and Mark Salisbury tied the knot at Ashfield House Hotel in Wigan. 'Pictures by Velvet Fleur Photography -

FEATURE WEDDING: Proposal even came as a surprise to Mark after Emma caught him out!

When Emma Langley decided she wanted to go to Bali to celebrate her birthday, she didn’t quite realise that her determination was putting a spanner in the works for boyfriend Mark Salisbury.

Stephen Mellows-Facer and Lyndsey Wilson married at Bolton Registry Office followed by a humanist ceremony at The Barlow, Edgworth.' Pictures by L&L Photography, part of Magic Munkeys Photography -

Couple staged theatre theme for a ‘wedding production’ with a twist

It was a wedding ‘production’ for theatre-loving pair Stephen Mellows-Facer and Lyndsey Wilson, pulled together by a dedicated ‘committee’ made up of family and friends.

Preston couple Peter Tiltman and Jacqueline Miller married at Marsh Farm Hall in Great Eccleston, Preston, on September 19. 'Pictures by Simon Crumpton. With special thanks to Marsh Farm Hall -

FEATURE WEDDING: Groom’s surprise announcement to guests during wedding speech

Walking through a notorious ‘pick-pocket hotspot’ wasn’t part of Peter Tiltman’s plan when as he carried an engagement ring around Latvia’s capital city.

Clare Horner and Jonathan Sinclair married at St James Church, Leyland, followed by a reception at Bartle Hall'. Pictures by L&L Photography, part of Magic Munkeys Photography -

‘Cute-meet’ has a happy ending for couple who met at friend’s wedding

Ten years after first saying ‘hello’ to one another at a friend’s wedding, Clare Horner and Jonathan Sinclair were saying ‘I do’ on their own special day.

Jillian Salvin and Matthew Cross, from Chorley, married at Broadoaks Country House in Troutbeck, Windermere. Pictures by Martin Cogley at Nifty Photo -

FEATURE WEDDING: Sparkling celebrations for Jillian and Matthew in the Lake District

“The lake District is a very special place for us; it’s where we go to properly be together, where we can share in our passion for the outdoors, walking and good pubs.”

Joshua Detko and Zoe Holden married at the Ashton Memorial in Lancaster on November 21, followed by a reception at Forrest Hills. 'Photos by Chris Kirk at Bay Photographic -

FEATURE WEDDING: Zoe had her sights set on wedding venue since she was 10-years-old

Joshua Detko’s out-of-character public declaration of love for Zoe Holden was caught on CCTV camera for the couple to keep as a memento.

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