Tragic death of pupil who was struck on head by teacher

Historian Keith Johnson looks back at the tragic death of a schoolboy...

A blue Dinky Toys Mercedes

Dinky Toys always popular with collectors

Antiques expert Allan Blackburn looks back at childhood collectables...


Postcard sent in 1955 FINALLY arrives in Garstang - 62 years late

Garstang resident Lynn Harter was delighted to receive a birthday postcard only to be left puzzled after discovering it was nearly 62 years late.
Fred Gornall off to his wedding in a car from his garage. He is in the centre of the back row, his wife Elizabeth back right, another Gornall, Albert, is driving

Lancashire's family of madcap inventors

For more than a century, generations of inventors hailed from one Lancashire family. John Grimbaldeston reports on the talented Gornalls of Pilling

Whittingham Asylum

Rise and fall of Britain's largest mental asylum

A new project aims to record the 150-year history of Whittingham Hospital. Now a sprawling housing development, Joe Atkin looks at the rise and fall of Britain’s largest mental asylum.

William Dickinson (back row first on the left) on route to Singapore in 1941

Piecing together the journey of a Prisoner of War

William Dickinson never spoke of his time building the Burma Railway. But, two decades after his death, his documents and photos begin to tell their own story, as NATALIE WALKER writes
Duke of Edinburgh competes in the Holker Hall Carriage Driving Trials across Morecambe Bay on May 30, 1985

Dashing Duke drives horses across the Bay

Prince Philip made many visits to Lancashire but, perhaps, none as memorable as the day in May day 1985 when he rode horses and a carriage across Morecambe Bay. Here is the Post’s report of the event.

This framed crew t-shirt, signed by all the band, hangs on my office wall

A special brew of rock music memorabilia...

Our antiques expert Allan Blackburn looks at rock music memorabilia...

A Rocket Brigade crew in action

Schooner’s tempest tragedy takes the lives of six men

Historian Keith Johnson looks at a maritime tragedy that claimed the lives of six men...

Leo Baxendale at work

Cartoon king who delighted millions

Celebrated Lancashire cartoonist Leo Baxendale died last week at the age of 86. Here in an interview first published in the Lancashire Post in 1998 he reveals how his most famous characters were dreamed up over the family dinner table in Preston
This photo from reader Frank Werrill of Leyland, was taken on Easter Monday in 1960 during the Leyland Pram Race

Throwing the beer out of your pram...

Easter Mondays in Leyland brought a buzz about the town in the 1960s and 1970s.

Woodhouse family, seated, Helen Lodge, two unknown girls, Robert Woodhouse, Nora Alice Woodhouse and, standing, Harry Arthur Woodhouse, Lettice Jane Woodhouse and Janet Mary Woodhouse

Relatives lost at sea

In the late 19th century a maritime tragedy claimed the lives of three members of a prominent Preston family. Family historian Bill Grime reports
These pieces are very popular with collectors and it is easy to see why

Pottery style that has remained instantly recognisable since 1775

Antiques expert Allan Blackburn looks at the world of pottery...

The prison treadmill haunted convict Thomas Beardsworth

Thug claimed boy’s injuries caused when he fell over

Historian Keith Johnson looks back at crime from yesteryear...

Flooding in Leyland August 1987

All the memories come flooding back

Leyland town centre looked almost unrecognisable submerged under water almost 30 years ago.

Charles Dickens toured the land reading his works

When Charles Dickens visited Preston

Literary giant Charles Dickens visited Preston 150 years ago this week playing to a packed house. Local historian Keith Johnson looks back at trip which had a notable impact on the author.
These  advertising tins are available from �3 each

Branded tins from yesteryear are popular antiques

This week, for some reason we seem to have had a lot of advertising calls. Maybe now Easter is passed and we are all looking forward to a nice summer, the media people are out in force! However advertising is nothing new. It dates back to Egyptian times when papyrus was used to make sales messages and wall posters.

William Gregory was treated at Preston Infirmary

Gamekeeper acquitted after shooting man in his garden

Historian Keith Johnson looks back at a shooting from yesteryear...

A party for the Queens Coronation at the Railway pub (Leigh Arms) at the top of Chapel Street and Railway Street Chorley in 1953.

Ann Wootten (Newby) is on the second row third from left.

Children enjoy a party fit for the Queen

The Queen’s coronation was the talking point of 1953.

An Atkinson eight wheeler

Days of long distance lorry drivers

There’s a phrase we hardly hear anymore, ‘long distance lorry driver’.

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