Death of a conscript who should never have gone to war

Joseph Blackburn was tragically sent to war despite twice being exempted from military service, writes David Hewitt

Francis Thompson pictured in 1893, five years after Jack the Rippers spree

Was Jack the Ripper a poet born in Preston?

A new book makes the sensational claim that Jack the Ripper was a poet from Preston. Mike Hill reports

Maureen is a good example of how beautiful the Doulton ladies are.  �55

Royal Doulton figures an ideal gift for Mother’s Day

Antiques expert Allan Blackburn takes a look at Royal Doulton figures...

George Kelly

Convict’s cameo at trial led to man being hanged for killing

Local historian Keith Johnson looks back at a tragic miscarriage of justice...

Eddie Calvert, the man with the golden trumpet

Glory days of the man with the golden trumpet

It’s 95 years since one of Preston’s finest musicians and the man behind the first ever Number One single was born.

Firefighters tackling the town hall blaze in the early hours of March 15, 1947

Night flames tore through city’s finest landmark

One of the most significant events in the history of Preston took place 70 years ago.

Lorna and Derek Jebson

Happy diamond anniversary to Derek and Lorna Jebson

Daily love letters from Egypt during the war kept the romance alive between Derek and Lorna Jebson.
New Hall Lane, Preston, in the days when cotton mills dominated  the road

Walking through the highways and byways of Preston past

Local historian Keith Johnson’s latest book takes readers on a tour through Preston’s oldest streets. Here he reveals the favourite corners of his home town
The aqueduct  targeted by terrorists in 1887

Dynamite plot to blow up the heart of Preston

In the dead of night 130 years ago terrorists attempted to blow up an aqueduct in Preston in an attack which could have caused mass casualties. Laura Creighton reports

Community around Watkin Lane was shocked by the killing in their midst

Killer who stole from the blind

Fifty years ago this week a community was in shock after the murder of a mild-mannered shopkeeper. Henry Woodsford reports

These Pentax binoculars are on sale for �49.99

Military items have potential to be antique gems

Antiques expert Allan Blackburn looks at the world of militaria...

Gregson sold the stolen items at Lancaster Market, above

Hard labour for Preston railway station luggage thief

Local historian Keith Johnson looks at a crime from yesteryear...

The ongoing work at Plover Scar lighthouse in the Lune Estuary

Ray of hope for the historic Plover Scar lighthouse

A complex repair and reconstruction project is continuing on the 169-year-old Plover Scar lighthouse in the Lune estuary.

Garstang Town Councillor Graham Salisbury, has accused some business owners of erecting non-compliant signs in the Garstang Conservation Area

Row over Garstang signs in heritage area

A major row has been sparked by claims that Garstang’s town centre historic heritage area is being marred by unauthorised advertising signs.

Singer Jane Francis performing to residents at The Grange in Buckshaw Retirement Village, who are taking part in a Musical Journey

Chorley home capture memories through musical milestones

Residents at a Chorley retirement village are set to go on a creative journey through the decades as part of a new programme to support health and wellbeing.
This illustration of a turn tree shows the method used in Wrays coal mines for raising the coal from the shaft bottom to the surface. It was also used by the miners to travel up and down the pit shaft. Illustration by John Robinson.

Scolded for going down the pit at the age of 12

Local historian David Kenyon continues his look at the coal mines of north Lancashire and the miners who worked there, including his grandfather

Comic great Charlie Chaplin cut his teeth in the music halls of Lancashire

Clog dancing kid who became a global superstar

Charlie Chaplin’s journey to becoming the first global movie star saw him treading the boards in Lancashire in his early years. Mike Hill reports.

Maureen Ashcroft and Cyril Dixon today, survivors of the SS Yorkshire torpedoed off the French coast in October 1939

Lancashire survivors recall their rescue from SS Yorkshire

"You want to save that lad, remember the day it saved your life.”
The plate is from 1978. It is on sale for �8 or there is a set of four for �25

Home of TV’s The Prisoner also birthplace of fantastic pottery

Antiques expert Allan Blackburn looks at the links between a cult TV show and pottery...

Arsenic poisoning tragedy leads to wife’s death

Arsenic poisoning tragedy leads to wife’s death

Local historian Keith Johnson looks back at a tragic inquest from yesteryear...

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