Head to the coast to experience a true Italian treat

Pulcinellas Cleveleys
Pulcinellas Cleveleys
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As out of place as this rustic building in the heart of Cleveleys may seem, it is a contemporary Italian style restaurant that shouldn’t be missed.

Bustling, ambient and homely were my immediate feelings as we entered, passing chatting groups enjoying an unusually warm September eve.



While not being the biggest restaurant I have frequented, Pulcinella’s makes good use of the space available, allowing you to feel part of the overall atmosphere while still giving your own space in this plush, warm environment.

It was a short trip to the bar, where the busy staff quickly took our details and offered us a much needed drink, it was a Saturday night after all. Menu in hand we sat in the bar area and browsed the selection.

My wife opted for the safe chicken dish, while I ventured for the more adventurous Porchetta, described as local reared suckling pig, which at very least sounded interesting. Oh, and some garlic bread, you’ve always got to have some bread.

Moments later, our order had been taken and we were seated, unfortunately next to an incredibly loud group, which could have spoilt the evening, but we were in no mood to let that happen.

Another drink later, and our meals arrived.

My wife’s tomato, mozzarella and pesto stuffed chicken with skinny fries looked tremendous, I however, had to hide my childlike disappointment when my suckling pig wasn’t carried out still attached to the spit with an apple suitably wedged in its mouth; instead my meal was a beautifully presented cut of meat on a stack of beans, potatoes and carrots.

The crisp vegetables and soft juicy meat that fell apart as you cut, complemented with the delicious red wine and sage jus, were perfect in every way.

The chicken dish was again perfectly cooked, juicy and flavoursome with incredible fries, yes, incredible fries, who knew.

We opted to accompany our meal with the mozzarella and caramelised onion garlic bread rather than having it as a starter, either way, this was still delicious and perfectly cooked.

Satisfying portions left us not really wanting a pudding, even though the many dessert deliveries taking place around us looked just as incredible as the main courses we had just consumed.

At £16.95 for the Porchetta, £13.95 for the Pollo and £4.25 for our garlic bread, this meal didn’t feel expensive for the quality that we received. Drinks on the other hand were a little pricey, with half a lager and a whiskey just shy of an eye watering £6, but I suppose that is to be expected.

Vigilant attentive staff, a generally warm and welcoming atmosphere, and some of the best food I have eaten, make Pulcinella’s a great find, and one I will certainly visit again.