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Bob Geldof, press session

Pop royalty for one night only in Preston

For one night only, thankfully not a Monday, pop royalty will arrive at Preston’s Guild Hall.


Tracy Clarkson, who has Lyme Disease after being bitten while out for a walk in 2004, is fighting for it to become recognised as a disease in England.

Lancashire mum’s life turned upside down after being bitten by a tick

Mum-of-three Tracy Clarkson has been struck down twice with meningitis, been forced to have a hysterectomy, lost the use of her legs and suffers regular tinnitus and headaches – all after being bitten by a tick while out for a walk.

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Plans for up to 48 homes in North West Preston are lodged

Plans have been submitted for another housing estate in North West Preston.

Shining example: The exterior of Astley Hall lit up during Astley Illuminated

Soaring visitor numbers at Chorley’s popular historic hall

Chorley’s ‘jewel in the crown’ is glittering brightly after becoming even more popular then ever.

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Week Ahead What’s On Listings 29-01-15

To announce an event or gig, call 01772 838196 or email whatson@lep.co.uk

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Music review

Brass for Hall on Sunday

Brass band music will fill Preston Guild Hall all day on Sunday for the latest Brass At The Guild event.

A chance find on a beach pulls holidaymake Professor Parkins (Jack Shepherd) into a nightmarish struggle with supernatural forces. in Classic Ghosts at Blackpool Grand Theatre.

Ghostly dream team make teen scream

Classic Ghosts

Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Until Saturday

Nihilism Incarnate: Pic courtesy of Deathwave Entertainment

The Dawn of a new Rampage

Preston rock promoters make a triumphant return to the city this weekend after the loss of their original home the Blitz.

Oh Susannah

Slightly self-conscious Nobody

This is theatre on a shoestring – several of them in fact, strung across the traverse stage.


Indian music and a buffet to match

Tarang, the UK’s National Ensemble for Indian Music will perform at More Music’s Hothouse venue in Morecambe on Saturday, February 7.

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My Biggest Bargain My Ultimate Splurge feature with Karishma Visram.
Her biggest bargain, a ring bought on the internet.  PIC BY ROB LOCK

My Biggest Bargain... My Ultimate Splurge - Karishma Visram

Karishma Visram, 20, who is studying film and media at the University of Central Lancashire, tells us the stories behind two of her favourite fashion items.

Contest: Martha Ruberte has been selected for Miss Galaxy

UClan student makes it to Miss Galaxy finals

A Preston student is celebrating after making it to the finals of Miss Galaxy England.


Ben Seward, 10, from Euxton, who was born without a right hand and wrist. and plays rugby for Chorley Panthers

Rebuilding Lives: ‘Ben’s like any child and lives his life to the full’

As part of our Rebuilding Lives series, looking at the work of Preston’s specialist centre which helps patients born without limbs or those who have lost them get the most out of their lives.

Jacob Gray, 23 is learning to walk after having both legs ampulated after meningitis and septicemia

Rebuilding Lives: ‘I’ll walk down that aisle’

While some people are born with missing limbs, others can lose them suddenly as a result of illness or accident.

Womans best friend: Deborah and Basil

Basil’s my best friend and a whole lot more video

Deborah Cornwall’s life changed completely when she suffered a horrendous spinal injury after falling when climbing which left her confined to a wheelchair.

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Their example is commended to posterity

’Recalling. Certain gentlemen of other days. Who made of drinking one of the pleasures of life - not one of its evils. Who, whatever they drank, proved able to carry it, keep their heads and remain gentleman, even in their cups.’

editorial image

Beware false security of falling crime figures

Crime levels are at a record low in England and Wales, according to the official crime survey, which is a remarkable achievement considering there are now thousands fewer police patrolling our streets.


Why everyone’s laughing behind your back

An Only Fools and Horses’ fan has shelled out £4,000 on a tattoo which covers every inch of his back and depicts the stars of his favourite tv programme.

1995 library filer of Chris Moncrieff. Photo by Peter Smith/PA

War inquiry delay allows suspicion to fester

There is the stench of something distinctly fishy about the seemingly never-ending delay over the publication of the Chilcot Report into the Iraq War.

Aasma Day, Lancashire Evening Post Health Correspondent

School closure got me thinking – why don’t adults get unexpected days off work?

Our children had an unexpected day off school last week.

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PRESTON POSTCARDS: Author Jane Brocket has highlighted the Miller Arcade, Harris Museum, Brucciani Cafe and Avenham/Miller Parks among places to visit in her Pocket Guide to Preston

New pocket guide to Preston hails ‘hidden gem’

Travel writers tend to give the Costa Del Preston a wide berth.


Warhammer Quest

Warhammer Quest Review video

All you 90’s kids will remember Hero Quest, that legendary board game which pitted barbarians against goblins, where victory meant rolling the dice to the highest number.....well this review aren’t about that. It’s about a game suspiciously similar. Even the name screams plagiarism, Warhammer Quest, developed by Rodeo Games, is a top down strategy game based on the board game of the same name, see! Told you it was similar.

Super Retro Trio Console

Super Retro Trio Console

Ahh…the games of my youth, Sonic, Mario, Donkey Kong Country, Mortal Kombat, they ruled my childhood. Racing home from school every day just so I could try to beat world 8 on Super Mario Bros 3. Those were the days and with the releases of console after console since then, those games just gather dust. Until now that is. Retro-bit’s Super Retro Trio, which can be found and purchased from the guys at Funstock, is a retro all in one games console which plays all your PAL NES, Super Nintendo and Sega Megadrive game cartridges. Time to dig out those relics!

Razer Kraken Headset Review

Razer Kraken Headset Review

Californian born developer Razer started off as a small office with only a few employees but has managed to gain impressive levels of popularity which allowed this company to grow to mammoth proportions.

Sega Master System/Game Gear Handheld Portable Console

Sega Master System/Game Gear Handheld Portable Console Review

On-the-go gaming has been around for years.

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Paul Antony Clayton and Stephanie Alice Redmond  PHOTOS: Andrew Hale

A top-of-the-world feeling designed to last forever

Most girls feel on top of the world when the man they love pops the question.

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